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One of the goals of Women Pushing Dirt is to show off how our work affects the communities around us. Women Pushing Dirt is all about providing a great thought-leadership experience. We also want to know how the content and information we provide has affected you! Feel free to leave a testimony below, and check out how we have helped other viewers and readers.

Sharonda Allen

Nu Impressions health and beauty

Let me start by saying that I thank God for the fortitude and energy that is put into every effort that ms.walker puts forward .She nurtures educate encourages and pushes you towards your goal. She also helps mold young entrepreneur and business owners. She walks and guides you every step of the way.I thank God for trailblazer like her . Hats off to every woman that has a dream and is living it!!!! Continue the great work being done at women push dirt!!!

AnTia Jones

I'm The Plug Tshirts & more

I was referred by a close friend of an amazing woman. Thunder Walker has been such an seraphim in me and my family's life. I wanted to have my own company and have a house that I can call home, and when I expressed this to Thunder she made it happen. I was very impatient, but she did not let me settle for just anything and in the process I learned patience. She helped me achieve my goals of becoming a homeowner, something that I always dreamed for for me and my family. I trusted her guidance and she held my hand every step of the journey. As for my business, Thunder has provided me with the tools of becoming very successful, and it has prospered very well. I am grateful for Women Pushing Dirt they have been such an inspiration to my journey in life!!!

Michelle Abrams

A&I International Consulting

I had been wanting to leave the suberbs and relocate closer to the city for a long time.
I was referred to Women Pushing Dirt by a very good friend.
This team of ladies are amazing!!! Their knowledge of the real estate market not only in DFW but also in other major metropolitan areas is very valuable. It’s like one stop shopping for real estate! They treat everyone as an individual, working to meet the unique needs of each and every client. In a very short amount of time they understood exactly what I was looking for.
Women Pushing Dirt pours an unsurmountable amount of enery and passion into meeting their customers needs.

Torian Johnson

Beauty Snobs

When I met Thunder Walker she was encouraging from the start, she has a keen sense for success and determination. She wouldn’t allow me to rush the process of building my business nor give up. Together we searched for the right location with the perfect demographics for the longevity of my success. We talked numbers, investments, and how everything fit into perfect correlation to not only profits but the well being of my family. Thanks to Thunder I not only feel confident with my decision but empowered as a woman and owner of my centrally located business. She helped business go Boom!! Just as it should.

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