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The Beauty In Dirt

The thought of bare hands digging into soft, pliable dirt will either send your skin crawling or put a smile on your face. Perhaps as a child, you made mud pies, or during the pandemic, you tried gardening for the first time. Both scenarios mean that you reaped the health benefits of dirt’s micro bacteria. Below is a look at some benefits and how to fit dirt into your life and beauty routine.

The Beauty in Dirt

It is documented that Cleopatra regularly used mud masks to maintain her beauty. In the 1920s, mud masks became all the rage, and ready-mixed or dry mud masks can be found in most stores today. Treatments are also available for feet, legs, arms, hands, elbows, necks, or full body. So, what is the deal with mud? A mud treatment will renew the youthful glow and softness you are craving from sloughing off dry skin cells and removing impurities to provide anti-inflammatory nutrients to your skin.

Health Boosting Qualities

For over a century, scientists have studied the effects of a child’s environment on their immune system development. There are several studies on city versus rural where those in the rural setting have more robust immune systems, lesser chance of allergies or asthma, and better health outcomes in early adulthood.

Modern science, particularly in the past decade, has discovered that micro bacteria in dirt may activate serotonin production, acting as an antidepressant. Before that, scientists discovered that harvesting, such as picking fruit or cutting flowers, may produce dopamine. These two components naturally make humans feel better physically and mentally.

Fitting Dirt into Your Routine

A full garden area is not necessary to bring the beauty of dirt into your life. A large pot, organic potting soil, and a few plants are a perfect start. Your backyard is perfect for walking barefoot. Others may find comfort in regularly partaking in organic mud mask treatments at a spa or home. At a minimum, buy organic foods and goods, then wash them gently. A little dirt is a good thing!

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