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The Politics Of The Deal - Talk Dirty To Me - Real Estate Love Letters

To succeed in the real estate industry, a person needs to be very creative. You need to be able to create a connection with your client or seller. It’s all politics! Experience has proven that homebuyers work only with agents they can trust. A real estate love letter is one of many tactics devised by agents to stand out among their counterparts.

As the name implies, a love letter aims to capture the seller's attention, prompt the seller to accept your offer, and creates a rapport with the seller. It is like writing a letter to someone you love. In this writeup, we will discuss the qualities of a good real estate love letter. Read on!

Qualities of A Good Real Estate Love Letter

A good real estate letter should possess the following characteristics;

- The letter should find a common connection with the homeowner. Real estate love letters aim to capture the attention of the seller. What better way to get their attention than sharing a common connection?

- Highlight specific features you love about the property. When wooing a partner, you flatter them by highlighting some features they possess that you like. This concept applies to real estate love letters too.

- Guarantee that you won't leave even during escrow. You should guarantee the seller that you will be by them every step of the way, even during escrow! This reassures them that you have their best interest at heart.

- Do not paint yourself as a flipper or profit-incentivized agent. A home is a personal belonging, and like every other belonging, it means a lot to the owners. You should avoid painting yourself as a profiteer or flipper who will treat their home solely as a business. Treat it with more value!

- Share information that will make the homeowner like you. Sharing some personal information about yourself will definitely make the owner like you (the information should be positive, of course). Once they like you, they will feel comfortable working with you.

- Do not point out flaws or suggest improvements. My home is my sacred place, and I don't want anyone tampering with that. You should keep this in mind when writing your love letter. Do not suggest any changes or improvements and do not speak badly about the property. You will infuriate the homeowner and make it less likely for them to work with you if you do.

- Resist too many compliments. Homeowners and sellers can spot genuine buyers. Too many compliments make it look like you are trying to sweet talk them into selling the home. Most homeowners hate this and will tell off us such homebuyers.

A good real estate love letter needs to portray honesty, trust, and reliability. Use these qualities as tips when writing your real estate love letter. After months of research, I noticed that letters with these qualities are more likely to lead to sales. A good real estate love letter could turn out to be the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle!

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