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Places That Will Pay You to Move There and Work Remotely

In 2019, something in my bones told me to quit my job and work from home. Then 2020 happened and almost everyone had to turn the virtual world. Business Travel was traded in for Zoom meetings and suit pants were traded in for yoga pants; and in turn, yoga pants for pajama pants. While this new norm may have started of a bit rough, experts say that remote jobs may be here to stay.

And you can do almost any job remotely now, but here are a few positions in real estate and construction that are in demand:

  • Project Manager

  • Finance Director

  • Loan Administrator

  • Energy Rating Specialist

  • Real Estate Accountant

  • Real Estate Photographer

  • Real Estate Broker

So, whether you are looking for a full-time position or starting a side-hussle, remote work can be done from anywhere, so why not do it in a place that will pay you to live there?

Here are 12 places that will pay you to live there and work remotely.

Bloomfield, Iowa

Bloomfield is now offering $10,000 tax abatement incentives to those who build a new home within the city limits. You can even get an extra $5,000 if you build in an existing TIF (Tax Increment Financing) district.

Natchez or Adams County, Mississippi

Purchase a home in Natchez or Adams County, Mississippi valued at 150,000 or more to receive a $2,500 relocation expenses reimbursement and $300 monthly payment for 1 year from the remote worker incentive program, Shift South.

Topeka, Kansas

An employer-led program in Topeka, Kansas is matching up to $15,000 of any employer who will invest in their employees who move to Topeka. Purchase or rent a home in Shawnee County for this incentive. There are two available worker routes - onsite or remote.

Rural, Kansas

Have an active balance on your student loans? Kansas is offering state income tax waivers for up to 5 years and student loan repayments of up to $15,000 for those moving to one of their 77 “Rural Opportunity Zones”.

Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas is offering $10,000 incentives to working adults over the age of 24 to relocate to their community and work remotely. And did I mention the bonus street or mountain bike they will gift you so you can explore their paved and mountain bike trails.

Newton, Iowa

Calling all home builders, real estate developers, and yes homebuyers- Newton, Iowa is giving up to $10,000 cash to you plus a welcome package worth $2,500 for those building new homes in the city.

Shoals, Alabama

The Shoals is offering $10,000 and a whole lotta love from their close-knit community for full-time remote workers earning at least $52,000 a year. They boast a low cost of living, diverse population, and creative culture. All they need now is you.

Tulsa, Oklamhoma

Are you self-employed or have a full-time remote position? Move to Tulsa in 2021 and the city will give you a $10,000 grant to be used toward the purchase of your new home.

Harmony, Minnsota

Harmony is offering residential home construction rebates ranging from $5,000 to $12,000 based on the value of the home, regard less of age, income level, or residency.

Lincoln, Kansas

Or if you are looking for free land to build your new home on, look no further than Lincoln, Kansas. This is a unique pick on our list as you do not have to be the primary resident in the new home. You can get the free land, build a new home, the flip it for a profit. Don’t mind if I do Lincoln!

Mankato, Kansas

Another city offering free land is Mankato, Kansas. And if you ever wanted to live in a small-town Mankato only has about 900 people. But move quickly because they only have 26 lots available.


As long as you plan to stay in Alaska indefinitely you can get paid year after year with Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend. The pay varies year to year but in 2019 the dividend was $1,606. Not bad- Not bad at all.

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