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Let’s Change the Vibe of Your Home and Workplace

Women Pushing Dirt believes the following tips about how to remove negative energy from your home and workplace will assist you in making you happier and healthier. Let’s change the vibe of your home and workplace!

Let's start with the energy remaining in objects, especially older items, and depending on the energy type, they may physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually block our path forward.

My advice is to clear your closets and home, keeping only what you need.

Remove mirrors from your bedroom, also smaller mirrors from the rooms. Keep in house just one mirror in the bathroom and one big mirror in which you see yourself completely in the hallway.

Broken objects retain negative energy. If an object is irreparable, then throw it away. You need space in your home, do not keep broken or useless things in the house.

I recommend burning some incense like sage or palo santo in every corner of the house, doors and windows to clear every negative energy that enters your home.

Most important step is moving negative air out of your home and that involves nature. Open up all your windows every morning and evening, keep them open how much you can, leave the curtains drawn to let in as much light as possible.

I also recommend placing some crystals in your home like a black tourmaline in the entrance of the house, pink quartz in your bedroom, carnelian in your kitchen… Crystals hold different energies, and certain crystals are perfect for fending off negative energy.

The last thing I recommend is to ring a bell in each corner of the rooms and doorways. This will help revive your physical space.

Now let's see how you can remove negative energies from your workplace.

Let's start with the most simple way. Nature sounds like: rain, ocean waves, babbling brooks, and wind. Tibetan singing bowls and Native flutes are great for cleansing negative energy too. You find a lot of ``Negative energy cleansing music“ on YouTube and Spotify. Try to repeat this routine once a month, if possible.

As I wrote above, some crystals have the unique ability of absorbing negative energy in the environment. I recommend you to place a black tourmaline, obsidian, red jasper or clear quartz at the entrance of your office, or where you stay the most when you work.

If you can put some plants in your workplace, I recommend doing this in your home too.

Smudging some sage is the most effective way to cleanse any place from negative old energies. I recommend to do this as much as you can if possible.

When you leave your work space for the day, leave the stress and drama behind you too. Don’t bring it home and let it affect your life. Remember that you can cleanse your home and after that you can bring a lot of negative energies back when you come home from work.

My advice is to carry with you a black tourmaline jewelry if you find it, if not a raw crystal. This crystal will protect you from negative energies, and make you feel more grounded and stable. Do not forget to cleanse your crystals, every week, that means put them on salt for a few hours, to cleanse of the negative energies gathered around. After it is recommended to charge them, put them on the window sill in the sun.



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