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If You Love Her, Give Her Dirt: Why Real Estate Is The Best Gift To Give A Person You Love

When it comes to gifting a loved one, there are so many different ideas about what  to get. These ideas range from surprise dinners to expensive vacations. Irrespective of how we go about giving that loved one a gift, ultimately, we want them to be happy. So, our choice of a gift should be based on several defining factors.

Two huge defining factors are:

❖ It should create an impact that comes close to matching our love for that person. 

❖ It should evoke good memories now and in the future.

Now that we have these factors in mind, you may wonder what gift will do? The answer is real estate. With a series of well structured arguments, I will help you see the beauty of this gift and why it will be best for a person you love. Fasten your seat belt as I take you on this ride.

Firstly, real estate creates an impact that comes close to matching our love for that person. Love is timeless. In effect, when giving out a gift, it should reflect our timeless love. While a surprise dinner may be fun but short-lived, real estate is a breathtaking investment and is definitely not short-lived. Thus when someone receives real estate as a gift, they stop to reflect on the procedures you had to go through to acquire it in their name. This will definitely warm their heart. They will even be much more delighted when they think about the security both financially and psychologically that owning a real estate property accords them. Needless to say, they will love their gift tremendously and obviously love you more. This gift clearly indicates that you love them very much and care about their well-being. Who can argue with that?

Also, giving your loved one real estate as a gift evokes in their life good memories now and in the future. Since they are aware of the gift’s value, the incidents and feelings associated with how they received the gift from you will continue to bring them joy for years after that fateful day. Also, owning a home in which they can build their lives and celebrate their major wins will definitely be a source of constant joy to them over time.

In addition real estate is as symbolic as fine wine. The older it gets, the greater its value. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal to express your love in such a manner? Quickly contrast a gift such as phone with real estate property. The phone gets older and its features diminishes. Whereas statistically, real estate sells off higher in subsequent years than when it was originally bought. This is an excellent way to tell someone that you love them even more with every passing day.

Honestly, this is barely scratching the surface on why real estate is the best gift for someone you love. As you can already discern it is an amazing choice. So If you are making gift plans for your loved one, get them real estate and thank me later for the astonishing results you will get.

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