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How To Have The Best Garage Sale

Looking to hit two birds with one stone? We have two words for you: Garage Sale. Yep, you read that right. If you haven’t done one yet OR if you’ve experienced doing one but would like to learn a thing or two to improve the results this time, stick around and allow us to share some valuable insights.

When you organize garage sales, not only do you gain an opportunity to get some extra bucks but you also push yourself to let go of the things that only consume a lot of space in your home (or office). Here are a few tips you can do to achieve a successful garage sale:

1. Start by clearing out your home or office of things that you don’t use or have not used for quite some time. Of course, if there are things that are already beyond usable, you can just throw them straight into the bin. Once finished with this step, try to encourage your neighbors to do the same and pitch in the idea of holding a multi-family garage sale.

Why? The accumulated things from you and your neighbors will be an added attraction to your prospective customers. The more items that are available for sale, the more they’ll be enticed to visit, look around, and eventually make a purchase.

2. As much as possible, make the garage sale a 2-day event. This is for practical reasons. You’ll be giving your customers more time to visit and come back if ever they want to add more to their purchases. Before opening, organize the items by category. That is, group them according to their kind: clothes, accessories, kitchenware, equipment, books, etc.

Display these items on tables as much as possible, so that your customers can have a better look at them. Organize these tables in such a way that your customers can easily have a browsing space.

3. Make use to advertise the event on social media. You can run some ads, so that people in your neighborhood can check them out. The bigger audience you reach, the greater your chances of enticing them to visit and buy. Put some signs up to guide your customers to the venue of the sale.

4. On the day of the sale, be sure to open as advertised. It’s the least you can do to be professional. Anticipate what your customers might want or need: bargaining for a lower price, bags, even loose change.

Garage sales may sound like a momentous task, but the key here is to break down the tasks into smaller chunks. Once you follow the tips we set above, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a sold-out sale before you know it!


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