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How To Build Your Business on Clubhouse

We now live in a time where new information discovered in the last decade is several hundred times more than the previous centuries combined. Data is key and whoever has possession of the most relevant data usually gains the upper hand.

The above fact is also true whether you’re in the academe or you own a business; whether your focus is general or if you are in a specific field such as real estate. People trust those who seem to be knowledgeable, experts in their field.

One way for you to get your hands on more data is to learn from others. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of material nowadays. You can spend a ton of your time sifting through millions of articles on the internet, attending legitimate real estate seminars from industry giants, or you can spend even less, but quality time, listening to a wide variety of industry experts (and getting the bonus of networking at the same time) through this new breakthrough app.

We are talking about Clubhouse!

Clubhouse is a relatively new social media platform that features audio and live conversations among its members. You can sign up, but you’ll eventually gain access when a member serves as your sponsor and vouches for your membership.

Well, at least that’s what I experienced when I signed up. Clubhouse only works on iPhones for now, and Android users might be up next. When you join, the app sets you up by inquiring about which topics you are interested in and presents a group of users you might want to follow. In some ways, it functions like most social media apps.

What sets Clubhouse apart is apparent after you’ve gained access. You will immediately see that there’s no need to type anything (aside from filling out your member profile), no posting of status updates, photos, videos, or anything else like that. It is completely audio based.

Users start chat rooms where they talk into their phones, and everyone in the room hears what’s being said. If you want to join the conversation, you click the “raise hand” button to alert moderators. (They can turn the button off if they’re not accepting new speakers at any moment.) Most of the chat rooms are themed, but some are random or open conversations.

Here at WomenPushingDirt, we love Clubhouse because it offers a wealth of real estate knowledge! During the time we spent on Clubhouse, we’ve identified several ways you can use Clubhouse to improve your knowledge of real estate and become a better, more successful agent.

Our first tip is to follow lots of people that interest you. The more people you follow, the more chat rooms Clubhouse will show you when you open the app.

Just like any social media platform, you have the liberty to follow people add value to your cause. Unfollow (or don’t follow at all) people who don’t interest you. Otherwise, you’ll wonder why the app keeps suggesting you join strange chat rooms that’s just a waste of your precious time with strangers you’ve never heard of.

Alternatively, you can also host a regularly scheduled chat where you answer questions about your home city or town. This gives tremendous advantage, especially if you’re from places such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and Hawaii as tons of people will surely want to listen and pick your brain about the real estate industry in your area.

Clubhouse is still in its infancy stage and although you may find the audio-only platform a bit awkward at first, you will eventually see the benefit of the limited visual distractions. Being new in the market, Clubhouse still has a small number of users, but even so, there are already a lot of legitimate coaches and experts (from the real estate industry) using the app.

You’ll meet them as you listen and participate in chats. The best part of Clubhouse is that it allows you to do a TON of networking—you’ll meet agents for the first time and that means making new connections. In the real estate world, you know what connections mean, right?

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