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How to Become a Real Estate Photographer

A real estate photographer takes appealing photos of commercial and residential property. They collaborate with real estate practitioners who use their photos for their marketing activities.

Real estate photographers do not just take photos of finished properties, but also upcoming projects by model home builders, designers, home decorators, or architects. They also work with other professionals such as editors and graphic designers for specific projects.

Real estate photography is a unique area of photography where one can pursue his passion for art while being rewarded at the same time. Real Estate is one industry that enjoys consistent demand, so that means there’s always a demand for talented photographers who specialize in taking beautiful photos of real estate properties.

Here are a few things to help you get started:

Learn photography

One does not have to have the innate talent nor the brains to learn photography. Much like driving, it’s a skill. Therefore, to learn photography, and then you can put your skills into practice. However, before you do, it does not hurt to know the basics - lighting, exposure, and focus. A real estate photographer does not require a degree if you already have technical skills and natural talent. Some photographers are self-taught, and you can develop and improve your skills through practice. There are several online courses you can try to know more about real estate photography.

Buy your equipment

While the equipment does not make the photographer, it does help him take crisp, high-quality photos. Therefore, if you want to be a sought-after professional real estate photographer, it is inevitable that you should invest in your equipment.

One of the things you should include in your equipment list is, of course, your camera. Investing in camera lenses is also necessary. Wide-angle lenses give the property a fresh perspective and can include many things in a frame compared to the regular ones. Tripods are also a must-have. This way, you can take stable, noise-free photos that you cannot capture when using your hands. Lighting and other accessories are also great equipment to invest in. This will help illuminate certain portions of a property that are not exposed to natural lighting.

Learn how to edit photos

You don’t have to be the god of Photoshop to be a real estate photographer. The basics will suffice. What’s important is that you’re able to display the beauty of the property through post-processing. That means that you are able to adjust the exposure, lighting, and clarity of a photo to fully expose its aesthetics. Learning the basics of Photoshop would also come in handy in marketing activities.

Get started

Last but not least, do not abide by the notion that you have to learn everything first before you jump into photography. Again, all of the things in this field are better learned while on the field. Therefore, it’s better to test out your skills and improve along the way than to wait for the perfect moment. If you’re not yet confident, then try out as an intern, then work your way up. You can start small and then scale up as you gain a reputation.


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