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How Thunder Walker Uses Real Estate and Construction for Content Creation

We have in our midst a creator’s market. What that means is if you have the knowledge, skills, and attitude to produce something of quality (whether it be an actual product or a service), then most likely, people won’t mind paying top dollar for that.

CEO Thunder Walker is one such example. She is an inspiration to women considering a career in the real estate and construction industry. She is known as a "wellness and lifestyle" real estate developer, which is a unique approach to a satisfying career and a fulfilling life. Her ultimate mission is to champion the entrepreneurial cause by teaching women the importance of career self-determination. In her digital magazine and podcast episodes, Walker shares her ongoing professional success and interviews women who work in less traditional industries. Her magazine and podcast will continue to bring to her readers the stories of women in the United States and Canada who are also on the path to financial stability and pride.

Aside from running, she is also CEO of Breathe Capital Group Corporation and The Breathe House. Her late father, James Jones, developed BCGC for the African American community. Walker continues the effort by developing properties to make life better for others. Her team builds homes that provide disadvantaged neighborhoods with raised gardens, air and water purifiers, energy-efficient appliances, and built-in learning centers.

Here are a few tips on how Thunder Walker, from her magazine, uses real estate and construction for content creation:

First, you have to set a goal for content creation. Why do you need to post content? Most likely, you want to bring in more leads that are new, to convert more leads to clients, which then helps you close more deals. If not, then you can use existing customer relationships for more work or more referrals. Either way, all of these are to beat your competitors.

Second, keep your content simple, easy to understand, and relatable. The most important thing is that it should provide value to your customer. A simple google ad word search might give you an idea of which real estate-related topics people within your area are searching for.

Third, real estate is a broad industry, so it will not hurt if you strategically focus on a niche. However, be on the lookout for interesting surveys, studies, and statistics about topics related to the real estate industry, such as home sales, new home construction, national and regional figures, and the like. Break the stats down for readers and explain what they mean for the market in general and their buying/selling prospects in particular.

Next, if your goal is to attract investors, then your content should focus on why they should invest in your area. Post content that highlights businesses, industries, demographics, and other pertinent factors of why they should put money in your locality.

For buyers, content involving real estate and construction industry how-tos or real estate and construction for beginners is always a hit. After all, the processes behind these undertakings always change from time to time, so buyers are always on the lookout for the most recent, relevant info on the topic.

As far as media is concerned, use high-quality photos and videos. Otherwise, how can you convince a buyer to purchase a property when it does not look appealing? High-quality photos and videos will also encourage your readers to stay tuned. is a digital real estate and construction industry magazine and podcast dedicated to empowering women to find success in real estate. We regularly post real estate-related content and articles containing tips and other relevant information. Subscribe to this magazine now to access our latest postings.


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