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How The Trend in Relocation Of Young Adults Affect The Geo-Political Scene and Local Economies

Young adults are opting for more balance environments to live in, not to mention less costly and more job choices. There is a growing trend for millennials to choose cities and states that offer a more well-rounded lifestyle—an urban vibe and 15-to-30-minute drive to nature and leisure activities—the perfect combo! This trend is clearly seen in the recent US Census Bureau’s per decade, a reallocation of congressional seats.

Let’s Push The Dirt Here

Why do young adults choose less crowded metropolises like Dallas, Houston, Austin, Denver, and Orlando? This is seen in the reallocation of congressional seats with Texas gaining 3, 2, and 1 seat for other states. This has positive implications for women that push the dirt in these states. Real estate market is booming with an influx of fresh dirt being excavated to build communities.

Millennials appreciate the fact that states like Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida offer more job choices and cultural amenities as well as are closer to nature and leisure activities. Pushing Dirt means a more holistic approach to offering properties. Aside from ensuring they get the location and amenities, women pushing dirt should also consider more environmentally friendly communities. Expect a more vibrant and innovative marketplace.

Political Implications of the Trend

The shift also indicates a fresh perspective in political views with more states flipping to the Democratic party. Progressive voters in previously conservative states will bring a fresh outlook and change for people that hold key government positions.


Key cities such as New York, L.A., and San Francisco, who have lost their luster as tech companies and innovators, including the film industry; have moved to more economically friendly states where the cost of living is still affordable enough that young adults gravitate toward them. Millennials are not ready to sacrifice their lifestyle to a high cost of living. So, thriving tech and innovative businesses move to locations where they can attract new talents.

The bottom line is that this is a good time for pushing dirt.

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