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Hotels in Orbit

The recent circumstances worldwide have drastically changed the concept of travel as we know it. Save for a few tourism bubbles, traveling from one country to another is almost impossible and quite expensive.

However, we’re seeing some hope by the creation of the vaccines. Slowly, we’re seeing some life returning to domestic and international travel. People have also become more confident that despite the risk of getting exposed, the protocols in place certainly give travelers some layer of protection.

Just because we’re now faced with a temporary obstacle doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look forward to traveling again. You would be surprised what the future has in store for you!

When you think of traveling again, what is the first destination that comes to your mind? Beaches in the Caribbean? A bustling metropolis in New York or Europe? How about having a one-million-star view in space?

You might be wondering, heck, you might even do a double-take on the last statement. Space? Is that even possible?

In 2019, a company based in California, Gateway Foundation, piqued the interest of the world when it shared plans of a cruise ship-style hotel that will be designed to just float above the world’s atmosphere. The biggest draw to this is that it is open and primarily designed for the consumption of the public.

This futuristic wonder was then called the Von Braun Station. The design involves 24 modules, each connected by elevator shafts that make up what looks like a rotating wheel hovering just above the earth’s atmosphere.

Now, a couple of years later, the Von Braun station is been renamed as the Voyager Station. Gateway Foundation has passed the responsibility of building this edifice over to Orbital Assembly Corporation, its sister company. The plan to build the space hotel had its fair share of delays due to the pandemic but John Blincow, head of Orbital Assembly Corporation, is looking forward to starting construction in 2026 and eventually see the first set of tourists setting foot in space by 2027.

Looking at the renderings of the space hotel and you will see that it doesn’t lack any comforts that are offered by any earth-bound hotels. It’s just that the view is certainly on a different class. Guests of the hotel can expect to not only have a piece of the usual earthly wonders such as warm suites, chic bars, and even great food, but also the novel of seeing space and the earth itself in a different light.

The guests will also experience, probably for the first time, just how it is in an environment with zero gravity. In an environment where gravity doesn’t have much pull, a person can expect to weigh less, jump higher, and even lift objects as they’ve never done before.

This is certainly welcome progress to travel and is certainly something to look forward to once the world goes back to where it was as far as travel is concerned. Until then, stay safe and stay curious!

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