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Diamonds and Dirt

The feeling of gold and diamonds on the skin, whether a single stone or mosaic, adds that sparkle we all crave. It adds a touch of class to a simple black dress or turns us into a queen for a night (or day). Well, it is time to show yourself some love this month and schedule a Jeweler for a house call!

A Century of Jewelry House-Calls

At first, this may sound a bit odd, but it is nothing new. Mining heiress Evalyn Walsh McLean acquired the famous Hope Diamond during a home visit with Pierre Cartier in 1911. This was not a ‘one and done’ visit, as Ms. McLean took her time and decided to make the purchase after several home visits. Throughout the 1900s, it was widespread to have a jeweler visit with pieces to admire, try on, and purchase. As the century went on, these house calls became fewer, catered towards higher stakes, special orders, and regular customers only. Then, 2020 came around.

It Is Good to Feel Luxurious

Pop stars like Lil’ Kim, Madonna, and Cardi B have all shown us the feeling of luxury. Feeling comfortable in your skin, excitedly happy, and confident. Think for a moment about the first time you put on a particular piece of jewelry. Perhaps someone put it on you? As it touched your skin, you felt a burst of happiness and excitement, yet a calm comfortableness. That feeling is one of life’s treasures. We could all use that feeling a little more often.

Now imagine your favorite jeweler arriving at your home with a locked case of pieces selected for you to view. When you called to schedule this visit, you asked for a selection of necklaces in your price range. Your jeweler opens the case and starts to lay out the selection. Some pieces are extravagant, others eclectic, and many are quite appealing. As you try them on, nothing has that special spark. Then, as a white gold piece with diamonds in a lotus flower shape is placed around your neck, the instantaneous feeling of luxury fills your soul. Your eyes light up, and you know, this is the one you want.

Pivoting Business During the Pandemic

As the pandemic goes on, businesses continue to pivot their practices in marketing and selling merchandise. Many jewelers around the world are providing ‘private showings’ at homes or virtually. Many women have enjoyed the luxury of home visits from jewelers, and now it’s your turn. Gitchi Gitchi diamonds on your neck! Call your favorite local jeweler to find out their house call policy.

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