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Contractors vs. Kamala Harris

When you’re buying an existing house, it’s almost for certain that you’ll decide to have a portion of it remodeled or renovated according to your preferences. You may not like a part of the house, such as the tiling, painting, and molding, and thus you decide to have some work done on it. You may want to have a bigger kitchen, which the current house design does not have, so you had it remodeled.

This is normal and natural that even our highest officials are not exempted. Take Vice President Kamala Harris, for example. Vice Presidents have a designated place of residence. While the President resides at the White House, vice presidents live at the US Naval Observatory in Northwest Washington.

Unlike the more public White House, the Vice President’s residence is not available for public viewing. It comfortably sits within a 72-acre area compound under the management of the Navy.

Ideally, both the President and Vice President are expected to move into their respective “official” residences within a few weeks from being sworn into office. However, it's been close to three months now and Vice President Harris is still living at Blair House (the President’s official guest house).

While renovations typically take around weeks to months depending on the extent of the work, you would think that the country’s Vice President would not be subjected to the same waiting period. But that’s not the case. So far, the Biden Administration has not released an official statement as to what’s exactly causing the delays. According to recent articles, it could be related to a $3.8 million contract for “plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning” or since the Vice President loves cooking and requested for some work to be done on the kitchen, which could also be the reason for the delays.

The point here is that even persons in power are not exempted when it comes to the delays that sometimes contractors bring about in any renovation. Granted that the Vice President might have been too busy to oversee the whole renovation process, you shouldn’t be in the same situation.

This also highlights the importance of getting the services of a worthy project manager and a reliable and trustworthy contractor - people who know what they’re doing so that no time is wasted and the project can get done on time and properly. With WomenPushingDirt, we have an excellent team and network of experts who are not only are affordable but will surely finish the job without delays.

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