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Buying Beach Properties – Is It Better to Buy Sand Instead of Dirt?

Here at Women Pushing Dirt, we talk a lot about, well, dirt. And this got me thinking! Which dirt?

Dirt is the foundation of real estate. Properties are built on dirt, on a piece of land, in an allotted space. Which dirt really matters and it’s no coincidence that people in the real estate industry are fixated on location, location, location!

So let’s talk about one type of location – the beach. As far as locations go, coastal areas evoke images of sunshine, the cries of seagulls, delicious seafood, and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The beach is seen by many as a highly desirable location to own real estate and the prices of real estate, especially in tourist hot spots, definitely reflect that.

If you’re dreaming of waking up to the sound of crashing waves, of feeling the ocean breeze on your face, and the warm sand between your toes, there are definitely some things to consider.

What do you hope to do there?

If you plan to live in the location year-round, you will probably be interested to know about economic opportunities. The economy of coastal locations is often tied to location. Major cities on the coast often came into being because of a harbor and the role they play in the trade and movement of goods. Other coastal towns and cities rely heavily on tourism. This has two common effects: firstly that the economy is tied to tourism, and, secondly, that this is often seasonal.

Living in a tourist hotspot.

Beaches can attract large quantities of people and this can make these locations very crowded. If you prefer a quieter, more laid-back scene, take your time to get to know the location and be sure that it will suit your lifestyle.

Can you capitalize on your beach property?

Perhaps you are not looking to buy a beach property to live there year-round. In fact, many people have the goal of using their beach property as a holiday home and/or as an investment property. In this case, you can use the influx of tourists to your advantage by renting your property to holidaymakers and then enjoying your property in between visitors and whenever you want.

Look before you leap!

When buying a beach property for investment purposes, for example, to generate an income from short-term rentals, it is important to put together a realistic business plan. Work with a local realtor to understand what type of rental income you can expect and work with a local property management company to understand what it takes to maintain and operate the property. Be sure that you’ll be able to cover all costs of ownership, including any mortgage payments, and still be able to make a positive income.

Choosing your location

No coastal location is the same. There is a wide range, from coastal megacities to tiny, isolated hamlets. You need to think about your lifestyle and what you idealize about the beach. Are you looking for a lifestyle that revolves around Sangrias at sunset in your hammock, or are you looking for the excitement of your favorite watersports and outdoor activities? Do you idealize the tranquility and the scenery or the bustling activity of a tourist hotspot?

Have a look around! There is a beach made in heaven just for you!

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