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Best 4/20 Friendly Hotels and Airbnbs

With cannabis quickly becoming legal for recreational and medicinal use across the United States, more and more hoteliers and real estate investors across the nation are making the shift with their properties to welcoming and catering to guests who partake in herbal remedies. As more and more of these properties pop up across the nation, we are now seeing trends that set apart the best from the rest of the pack. From Bohemian-themed hideaways nestled away in the mountains of Colorado to beachside bungalows in Santa Monica with 420 welcome kits with everything needed for a relaxing weekend, there is lots being offered.

We will dig into this and more as we break down some of the best hotels and AirBnBs that we recommend you check out the next time you are going on a vacation and want to find somewhere that will allow you to bring your friend Mary Jane (or even encourage it). For the time being, you will find most of these in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington D.C., but the list of locales offering connoisseurs of cannabis tailored retreats is quickly growing each month.

Breck Haus - Breckenridge, Colorado

The Breck Haus, rated on AirBnB as one of the most popular spots in the area, offers its guests an unmatchable experience in terms of scenery, comfort, and location. Just a three minute drive from downtown Breckenridge or a quick walk if needed, guests here have no shortage of access to all of the conveniences they could possibly need, while still maintaining a sense of seclusion and isolation from a busy city. The option to walk into town for a nice dinner and some shopping goes nicely with the cozy feeling of home provided when you step through these doors into this magical getaway at the end of each day.

Tucked away in the mountains above the town, the Breck Haus is the perfect place for “buddies” to enjoy an herbal awakening with their coffee as they watch the sunrise with their morning coffee and breakfast of champions. The hosts here have set this property up perfectly, with Bohemian themes throughout, a beautiful wood burning stove for the cold Colorado nights where you want to relax with a movie, and even an indoor hot tub jacuzzi attached to one of the bedrooms. Even if you come to the Breck Haus in Breckenridge for skiing or shopping, you will not want to leave your AirBnB during your stay here.

Jupiter Hotel - Portland, Oregon

This mid-century hotel in Portland, Oregon offers a truly unique experience for anyone looking to enjoy an upscale experience with a laid back atmosphere at the heart of Portland just off of the Willamette River. Known for its all-inclusive experience, the hotel provides cannabis-friendly guests with a complimentary adventure bag filled to the brim with goodies that include a Jayne vape pen, lighter, grinder, nectar collector, the latest edition of Oregon Leaf magazine, a unique Jupiter Hotel t-shirt, and coupons to their local dispensary partners.

The hotel does not sell any flower or oils to guests themselves, but guests can enjoy the free wifi, countless seating options including outdoor fireside seating, daily fresh roasted coffee made in the lobby each morning, bikes for rent to explore the city, and world-renowned hangout -- the Doug Fir Lounge. If you want to host a 420 friendly event for you and your friends, maybe you fancy a green wedding over a white dress and black tie event? Rent their DreamTent and host an absolutely unforgettable event.

Not only are they great for private events like weddings, but with its vast array of executive meeting rooms and its close proximity to the Oregon Convention Center, your next company retreat or expo trip could be hosted here for an opportunity to unwind with your coworkers in a way that you may not be able to in your home state (be sure this is okay with your company first, of course).

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica

The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica, California has taken the first step towards launching luxury hotel brands into the future of the cannabis industry. Already being a titan of hospitality and comfort, they are now the first to create and implement a revolutionary new Cannabis Concierge program for their guests at this location, partnering up with California’s own cannabis delivery service, Eaze, and Recreational Embassy (a luxury cannabis curator and procurement firm). Through this new concierge program, guests of the Miramar Hotel & Bungalows have access to the most elusive, highest potency strains available in California in addition to more luxurious options such as edibles, cannabis body butter and dermatological products, and even CBD-infused bath bombs made especially for the hotel’s guests. The bath bomb, made around the theme of the hotel’s famous fig tree is a must-experience treat while staying at the Fairmont whether you decide to get a more intimate hotel room or one of the poolside bungalows for your stay here.

Although they do offer this extensive list of products to their guests in addition to their four-star appointed suites, they do still follow the nationwide company policy of Fairmont and do not allow smoking of any kind on the premises (even on patios). For this reason, they take a small hit on our list, but the amount of products and consumables offered by their Cannabis Concierge service that do not require anything to be smoked more than makes up for the minor inconvenience. This property is located perfectly, being across from the beach and within walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica State Beach, Montana Avenue, and the Santa Monica Yacht Harbor for all of the tourist to-do lists while in town.

To sum everything up, the level of service coming to hotels and short term rentals across the nation is seriously being overhauled. With big box hoteliers now beginning to cater to cannabis connoisseurs and offering check-in kits and goodie bags made specially for them, it can only continue to improve in the coming years as it becomes federally legalized for recreational consumption nationwide. While these are some of the best 420-friendly spots that are around now, be sure to send us your favorite 420-friendly hotels, AirBnBs, and Bud and Breakfasts that you have stayed at!

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