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Airstream Resorts Are Coming Back in Full Gear

Even with the stepping-up of the vaccination campaigns and easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the number of people traveling to various destinations for the summer holidays is not yet what it used to be in the pre-pandemic period. However, there are new trends. Many travelers are preferring road trips, with an estimated 56 million travelers hitting the road in their recreational vehicles. The year 2020 saw the popularity of RVing rise. But the costs that are involved can be intimidating especially when you need to rent a vehicle.

Airstream resort has a solution; you can fly, get to your desired destination, and then rent an RV. We are seeing a surge of resorts that come fully renovated. The luxury versions of the popular lodgings that characterized travel and accommodation some years back are now back and people love them. Airstream allows you to experience the Rving, have fun in the woods and at an affordable cost.

Here is a list of cool Airstream and vintage trail resorts that can make your dream of an RV road trip come true.

CampV – outside of Naturita CO

This is a new hotel in Colorado 1 ½ hours from Moab, Utah. For those thinking it is a new establishment, it has been there since 1942. With the comeback of the Airstream, the property has been re-imagined to cater to the needs of a spirited wanderer. Among the other exciting facilities, a curated Airstream with amenities will knock you off, with scent diffusers, record players, and fireplaces among other camping needs.

El Cosmico- Marfa in Texas

For those who are looking for a great experience in the woods and a perfect place to share with friends and loved ones on social media, this place will blow their minds. However, posting the photos and videos will have to wait, as the focus at this Airstream facility is “here and now.” Everything here is unique, from sleeping, cooking, and dining.

Yonder Escalante

This is a place that disconnects you from the world but allows full connection with yourself and your loved ones. Although Wi-Fi is available, guests are encouraged to focus on reconnecting with themselves and nature. The remote Airstream facility in Southern Utah is near the Bryce Canyon National Park, where renovated trailers, an oversized pool, a hot tub and a host of other facilities await.

Vintage resorts in Dayton, Oregon

Willamette Valley, also known as Oregon wine country, is home to 35 retro trailers- the Vintage resorts. Here wanderers are promised the time of their life as they enjoy the sweet aroma of coffee and the enchanting view of the vineyards. It is a completely new experience at the Vintage resorts of Dayton Oregon.

There are more of these Airstream facilities and they are set to increase as people look for new experiences. COVID-19 has taught us a new experience - it is not so good to be locked up. Airstream will keep you safe and at the same time give you a chance to wander around. This is the new trend and women looking for dirt have an opportunity to venture into real estate with something cool - the Airstream and vintage trailer resorts.

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