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3 Reasons Real Estate is the Perfect Career for Women who Travel

Is there anything better than travel? The romance … the adventure … the opportunities to learn and meet fascinating people … “See the world” is on nearly every woman’s list of life goals.

Many ladies don’t realize it, but pushing dirt is one of the best careers for women who love to travel. Here are three reasons why real estate is perfect for women with wanderlust:

Real Estate is Everywhere

Dirt is everywhere, and everyone needs someplace to live and work. Maybe there is a deal to be done on a vacation flat in Venice, or vineyard land in Argentina. The possibilities are endless!

Every Trip Can Become a Business Trip

Wouldn’t it be great if you could write off the expenses of your trip to Java or Paris as a tax deduction? Fortunately, when your business is pushing dirt, there’s always business to be done! Wherever you touch down, find real estate or investor meetups; set coffee and dinner dates with local real estate professionals or capitalists.

Whether you do a deal or not, you’ve made a contact, and transformed your vacation into a legitimate business trip. Bonus points if your new contact treats you to a night at the opera or wine cruise on the Seine!

It’s Easy to Work on the Road

While you might not expect it, much real estate business can be done remotely. Real estate is a team sport. You can underwrite deals, deploy contractors and inspectors, liaise with property managers and lenders, source listings and wholesale deals, and execute contracts … all from your laptop on the terrace of your over-water villa in the Maldives!

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