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1 Minute Bed Stretch

Sleep is essential for us all and can determine how the rest of our day will unfold. A good night’s sleep can come at a steep price though. While you may choose to invest in foam and gelly mattresses, lavender mists, and every shape pillow you can think of, there is still a very simple free and quick action you can take daily to invest in your overall health and wellness.

When you wake up do the following stretches to release toxins, align your body, stimulate your nervous system, and promote blood circulation in your body. Begin by laying on your back. Take in deep breaths for each stretch. The more you practice these stretches you can build up to making this to a 3 – 5-minute routine before bed and first thing when you wake up.

Knee to chest

Laying down flat on your back, lift your right knee to your chest. Hug your leg with both arms. Take a deep breath in. Release your right leg and return to your starting position, then repeat on with your left leg.


Next bring both feet to your hands with knees shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath then return to your original flat position.

Lying Spinal Twist

Spread your arms far out to each side of you. Lift your right knee and stretch it over your left leg twisting your back as you go. Take another deep breath in and switch to left knee over right leg. Then return to original position.


The next stretch is just as it sounds. Spread your arms and legs out like a star fish and just lay. For a more advanced approach place a pillow or foam roll under your back inline with your spine. Take a few deep breaths here then,

Flip to your stomach.


This is an ancient but goodie. With your feet shoulder width apart, lift the top half of your body with your arms arching your back. Tilt your head back gently and take in a few deep breaths.


Tilt you head forward then lift your hips to release the arch in your back. Bring your chest and head to the bed with your arms extended and resting in front of you.

Palm Tree

Finally, step off the bed one foot at a time. Then use your arms to slowly lift the upper part of your body to bring you into a standing position. Raise your arms and heels simultaneously and stretch our full body while keeping your shoulders down. Take in a few deep breaths then slowly release.


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